How can we be in touch?

Pretty much with every possible way out there. Grabbing a cocktail is always welcomed if we are somewhere close but other than that you can call me, send me an email, Skype is great, Instagram, whatever…the “how” is not important…the “getting in touch” is…

If you decide that I will be the person to film your wedding day then I truly believe that it is very very important for us to meet somehow before your actual wedding and get to know each other, it makes everything so much easier and makes both parties feel that I will be there as part of your day instead of just “working” for it.

What is the booking process?

Since you have watched and liked what I do and availability has been confirmed then I will need 50% deposit to reserve your day in my calendar. The rest of the payment can be provided on the days of the wedding

What is included? 

EVERYTHING..!! That means that there is absolutely no time limit for your wedding day (how could it be?). I like to be the first to arrive and then I usually end filming once I feel I have everything I need in order to be able to create your Films. This usually comes at some point late at night (I do not film till the very end simply because I feel that it is very nice both for you and also for your guests to spend some time without any cameras around). 

Note: Travel, accommodation and expenses are not included. 

What do you deliver?

For weddings I create 2 films. A Short Film 2-4 minutes and a Feature Film 16-20 minutes. (Note: elopements are always a tailor made package) 

Do you offer anything more than that?

Yes, I call it the “Doc Edit”. The “Doc Edit” are long duration clips from a stable point. It requires a second shooter and basically you can choose parts of your day such as the ceremony or/and parts from the reception to be intact. The Doc Edit exists as an extra. In addition to that, any request for any additional edits of any kind can easily be discussed and implemented. 

Do you provide coverage for additional days?

Of course!

What is the delivery time? 

Usually is within the 4-5 month range. Sometimes couple of weeks before that and sometimes couple of weeks after.

How is the music chosen?

This is perhaps the most frequent question. Generally answering I would say that the music I love to use in my films is cinematic, with nostalgic feel, rock n roll pulse, emotional, indie, atmospheric, natural sound…nothing too mainstream and pop…

You see…my goal is to document your day and then create a film that will reflect that day with a documentary approach and a personal feel to it. So the music has to fit those needs. This is the top criteria for selecting the music. It is not that much of a personal preference…even though it sometimes is (lol)…in some parts there is no music at all. Long story short, you do not have to worry about the music.

What is the “Privacy” fee? 

The only way for me to advertise my work is to occasionally (not always) share publicly content from weddings I have created the films for. As you can see from my main package I create a Trailer and a Feature Film. By default the only thing I would share is the Trailer (NEVER the Feature Film) and the place I would share it would be my personal website. Now any couple can potentially decide that they do not wish any of their content to be shown. This is where the “privacy” fee applies. So the “privacy” applies only to the Trailer and this is not something you need to decide necessarily prior to your wedding. I always pay extra attention when creating Trailers generally, because Trailers are the most common thing that any couple shares the most with friends and family anyway, despite the “Privacy” fee. 

Can we change anything in the film?

If you feel that it is ABSOLUTELY necessary yes, but it will require an extra cost due to the complexity and the time consuming task of changing a part of the video edit. If there are to be any changes (or at least a note that changes are required) they have to be provided to me within the first 2 weeks after I have delivered the on line version of the Final Cuts.

What things does the drone cover?

The drone covers location purposes. The point of having the drone is to add to the cinematic feel of the films, not to have cheesy shots on top of people dancing and partying and waving at the drone…plus it is forbidden to fly on top of people pretty much globally by law. 

What happens if you cannot attend the event?

Up until now I have never missed an event but in case anything unimaginable occurs and I cannot make it, then a full refund, of any money I would have received by that time, will be provided.  

How do you deliver?

I deliver your films both within a USB stick with the original movie files and a private link which you can easily access and share.

What are the couples that would be a perfect match for BEINGTHERE videography?

I love to work with couples that want to see themselves the way they are, having nothing to hide…couples that wish to have someone close to them to document their DAY exactly the way it will be, rather having someone directing bits and pieces. I do not like poses and I hate scripts and schedules. My job can only be as good and emotional as you will be on that day. If you don’t dance till you have no more, don’t laugh till your lungs burst, don’t kiss like its the first time, don’t hug till there is no breath….if you don’t SURRENDER to the day…then whats the story? 

In a few words, BEINGTHERE videography targets couples that do not see their wedding day as a typical event but as a big celebration of their love and their wild side, having together lots of good friends and family or…just being perfectly fine on their own!!!



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YES…2 amazing boys!

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