being there nostalgia /nɒˈstældʒə/ a sentimental lodging and affection for a period in the past


I am Nikos and I am an event videographer with main orientation on the wedding video and the founder of BeingThere videography. My goal is to create stories with a documentary and cinematic feel to them. I am based in Athens but I often travel to various destinations all over.

In an era in which a wedding film is considered a stylised product, I feel the need to point out that my style is miles away from that appaorach. I really enjoy trying being as artistic and as creative as possible of course but at the end of the day, what matters to me the most, is to be able to create a MEMORY. I hate “epicness” out of nowhere and cliche cheesy romantic scenes that are all identical. I film in an honest way without having a recipe for all weddings. I like being behind a camera, unnoticed, trying to capture all the true feelings and deep emotions that surround your special day. I want my films to embrace all the unique details the way YOU decide to create them, by keeping my personal interference to an absolute minimum. The biggest reward I get is when people are watching my films after a long time, not just today, to give them the feeling as if they were BeingThere.

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